Friday 27 to Sunday 29 April 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Auldana Foundations Adelaide 3 Hour

The Adelaide 3 Hour weekend is set to be South Australia’s biggest motorcycle racing event, with three major races featuring traditional Le Mans Starts and local, interstate and international riders. It’s two full days of elbow to elbow two-wheeled action.




Latest News

Track day novice to race winner

With less than three years experience Michael Villani is ready to enter Saturdays 50km race on his modified Kawasaki ER6


Quick Q & A with Falzon

Daniel Falzon talks endurance racing and the required physical and mental preparation to stay with the leaders.


Wilko on Yamaha's latest R1

From a 600’s to 1000’s – Liam Wilkinson answers a few questions on his latest ride as he gears up for the 2016 Adelaide 3 Hour.



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The countdown to the big race is on!








Mallala Motorsport Park.

The Mallala race track is a 2.6 km (1.6 mile) motor racing circuit near the town of Mallala in South Australia, 55 km north of Adelaide.

IMS Turn 1: Fast right

With a slight bump in the race line, this corner demands a good entry to set the rider up for turn 2. The bikes will come in fast off the start/finish line, drop a gear to get some weight over the front and get the bike turning in quickly before getting back on the gas without running too wide. Any riders that get this corner wrong are required to re-enter the track via pit lane.

Rick Bianchini powers the Cagiva Raptor through turn 1

Shingleback Turn 2: Double apex

Everyone’s favourite corner – with great viewing from the old Adelaide Forumla one grandstand – riders will often dive up the inside coming out of turn 1 or try and hold more corner speed to make a pass on the outside of the exit. The corner is double apexed and often catches new riders to the track by surprise. The big superbikes will loft the front wheel as they exit the turn and click through the gears down pit straight.

Liam Wilkinson holds off an outside move from Alex Bianchini-Kometer at turn 2

Unitech Turn 3: Southern Hairpin

The first hard braking right hander of the circuit. When the wind is heading north, riders can brake very late, turn in hard and powerslide out. It’s rough on the outside and a great place to see plenty of passing.

Falzon masters the entry into turn 3

IWS Integrated Waste Services Turn 4: The Kink

Strangely, this is kind of a straight, but it’s really a corner and is the fastest section of Mallala Motorsport Park. Riders on the big bikes just need to hang on, but the smaller bikes can have their throttle all the way to the stop – if the rider’s game!

Steve Turks setups his entry for the kink

Underground Designs Turn 5: Northern Hairpin

One of the hardest braking corners in the world, this right hander has the front wheel begging for grip and those that brake late give the fork compression a very hard time. If a lead rider brakes too early there’s always a following rider ready to show a front rim.

Turn 5, from the cockpit of a 650 twin

Moto Riders Choice Turn 6: Pacific Waste

As riders fire out of the northern, they’ll short shift through Pacific as they lean into the left side of the track for better grip. Riders use this turn to set up a pass at turn 7.

Liam Wilkinson smooth on the gas through turn 6

Les Rowe & Associates Turn 7: The Esses

Another hard right comes up very quick before approaching the esses. Great viewing from the northern mound, riders can struggle to make a pass but it doesn’t stop them trying. Riders will flick quickly as they tackle the right and left bends, keeping things smooth to maintain speed for the final turn.

A set of riders negotiate the esses as Kym Liebig leads the final turn

Hallett Concrete Turn 8

Following the esses the last corner of the track is a medium fast right hander. The apex is deep and riders barely touch the brakes as they enter. Bikes with serious power will slide the rear as they line up for the finish line. It’s a great photo corner and has cost many leading races.

A Hyosung rider gets a bit happy with the throttle, costing him the race at the final turn.

Mallala in motion.

A Le Mans start to the 2013 Mallala 75km solo endurance race
Falzon takes the big R1 through a few turns during a solo track session

Riders expected to compete

Teams expected to race

Sponsors backing the event

Great races to watch

2018 Adelaide 3 Hour Sponsors

A big thank you to our sponsors who help bring endurance racing back to the South Australian road racing calendar.

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